Obtaining Operating System Information From Property Node

Updated Dec 22, 2023

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  • LabVIEW

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I would like to determine on what operating system (OS) my LabVIEW program is running. How can I do this programmatically?


There are a few different application property nodes that reveal information on the operating system in which a VI is running on.  The properties are as follows:
  • Operating System:Name - Name of the operating system where the application is actually running.
  • Operating System:Version Number - Version number of the actual operating system.
  • Operating System:Build Number - Build number of the actual operating system
  • Operating System:Detailed Name - Detailed name of the operating system where the application is actually running. This string value returns the operating system and its version, such as Microsoft Windows XP. This property is similar to a combination of Operating System:Name and Operating System:Version, which return the platform name and a numeric version number respectively.
  • Application:Target:Operating System Property - Indicates the operating system for which the application was built.
Below is the results of the property nodes being run on a PC with Windows 7 Enterprise Edition:
NOTES: Service Packs do not make a difference in Version Numbers

Additional Information

Keep in mind that how an OS is marketed may not be how it is referred to in name/version. Here is a list of common OS names and versions as compared to their common name: 
Operating SystemNameVersion Number
Windows 10Windows NT10.0
Windows 8.1Windows NT6.3
Windows 8Windows NT6.2
Windows 7Windows NT6.1
Windows VistaWindows NT6.0
Windows XPWindows NT5.1
Windows 2000Windows NT5.0
Windows 98SEWindows 984.10