Is a Ground Connection Necessary to Operate my PXI Chassis?

Updated May 10, 2024

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  • PXI-1031
  • PXI Chassis

Issue Details

Due to integration constraints, I do not have access to ground reference through my power plug. Is it required for my PXI system to work properly? Or how can I disconnect the PXI chassis ground?


Even though you do not need a ground reference on the power plug for a PXI chassis to work, you still have to provide a ground connection to the chassis due to safety concerns or to avoid possible ground loops. If you do not have a ground connection through you power plug, you have to connect a ground wire on the chassis ground screw which is usually located on the rear side of the chassis. Make sure you use the correct grounding method (Earth ground through the power supply cable or the ground screw mentioned previously)

Refer to your chassis user manual for specific information about ground connection and the location of the screw.

Additional Information

When you connect third-party equipment to the PXI chassis, you may need to connect the third-party equipment ground to the PXI chassis ground screw, located at the back of the chassis, in order to eliminate any ground loops that will cause wrong measurements.