SH100-100-F and SH100100 Cable Specifications

Updated Jan 17, 2019

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  • SH100M-100M Flex Cable
  • SH100M-100M Cable

Issue Details

What are the specifications for the SH100-100-F cable (PN: 185095) and how does the wire color correspond to signal name?  How does this differ from the SH100100 (PN 182853)cable?


Refer to the dimensional drawings of the cables for digital and motion devices. These documents also include a color-code guide for the individual cable wires:

Additional Information

  • The wire mapping for the SH100-100-F is actually different than wire mapping for the SH100100 used for 100-pin MIO devices.
  • The SH100-100-F is a straight-through cable, whereas the SH100100 has shielded twisted pairs with the shielding connected to the ground pins.
  • The last two digits of the part number after the dash (for example: 01 in the part number 185095-01) indicate the length of the cable.
  • For information on connectors and connector manufacturers, visit the site: NI DAQ Device Custom Cables, Replacement Connectors, and Screws.
  • To know which cable you should use for your device, as well as the terminal block recommended, please refer to the device's specification sheet, user manual, and the guide located in: DAQ Multifunction I/O Cable and Accessory Compatibility.