SH100M-100M Flex and SH100100 Cable Specifications

Updated Jun 7, 2024

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  • SH100M-100M Flex Cable
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What are the specifications for the SH100M-100M Flex Cable (Previously called the SH100-100-F) Part Number: 185095-0x and how does the wire color correspond to the signal name? 
How does this differ from the SH100100 (sometimes called the SH100-100 or SH100M-100M cable Part Number: 182853-0x)?


The SH100100 is now obsolete, whereas the SH100M-100M Flex cable is still active.
The wire mapping for the SH100M-100M Flex is actually different from the wire mapping for the SH100100.

The SH100M-100M Flex is a straight-through cable, whereas the SH100100 has shielded twisted pairs with the shielding connected to the ground pins. For more information on the differences, see Differences Between the SH-100-100 Cable and the SH-100-100F Cable.

Refer to the dimensional drawings of the cables for digital and motion devices. These documents also include a color-code guide for the individual cable wires:

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