NI-XNET C Series Module Produces an Error Message In NI MAX

Updated Feb 27, 2019

Reported In


  • CompactDAQ Chassis
  • C Series Module Shell



Issue Details

I have an NI-XNET C series Module loaded in to a cDAQ chassis and When I connect the chassis to my PC I get the following error message in NI MAX.

NI cDAQ Unsupported Module

The issue still persists after restarting the PC.


To use an NI-XNET C series Module, the PC Must have the correct instrument driver downloaded. 

An NI-XNET C series Module requires the NI-XNET Driver which can be downloaded from this link: NI-XNET

If you have the correct driver installed and the issue still persists. Please try the following:

1. Re-seat the module in the cDAQ Chassis Slot

2. Try the module in another cDAQ Slot on the same Chassis to see if the slot is the issue

3. Try the module Card in another cDAQ Chassis to see if the cDAQ Chassis or card is the issue

4. Try a known working module in the cDAQ Chassis Slot that is having the problem to confirm if the card is the problem

If the issue still persists, Please contact NI support

Additional Information

All instruments that are compatible with National Instruments software can be found here: Instrument Driver Network (IDNet)


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