Pickering and Lambda Genesys Custom Devices in VeriStand 2015 and Newer

Updated Aug 2, 2023

Reported In


  • VeriStand 2014
  • VeriStand
  • VeriStand 2015
  • VeriStand 2016
  • VeriStand 2017
  • VeriStand 2018

Issue Details

I upgraded from VeriStand 2014 (or older) to VeriStand 2015 or newer and can't add the Lambda Genesys or the Pickering 40-295 custom device to my system definition anymore. Why are these devices not showing up when adding a custom device?

I am working in VeriStand 2017 and I can see the Lambda Genesys and the Pickering 40-295 custom devices in the Custom Device folder, but I can't add them to the system definition in VeriStand. Why can't I add them but I can see them in the Custom Device folder?


Starting in VeriStand 2015 and newer, National Instruments does not support the Lambda Genesys or the Pickering 40-295 custom devices. To use these custom devices, you will need to compile the custom devices using a compatible version of LabVIEW

The code for each of these custom devices has been moved to Github®. For the most updated source code, you can visit the Pickering 40-295 custom device repository and the Lambda Genesys custom device repository

Additional Information

National Instruments technical support groups can provide guidance on how to build and interact with custom devices, but these specific custom devices will not be supported. Additionally, National Instruments Applications Engineers will not be able to compile these custom devices for you. For the most updated documentation on National Instruments supported add-ons, see the NI VeriStand Add-Ons page.