Full Upgrade Required When Attempting to Update Run-time Software

Updated May 7, 2019

Issue Details

I am receiving an error when trying to run an installer. I receive a message similar to this:

'NI-Serial Runtime cannot upgrade NI-Serial.
This installer cannot upgrade the installed feature set of NI-Serial 4.1 or earlier. To install NI-Serial 15.0, uninstall NI-Serial then run this installer again. This process will remove NI-Serial Configuration support (if installed).  Alternately, run the full NI-Serial installer to directly upgrade NI-Serial. Visit ni.com/info and enter the Info Code NIRuntimeInstallers2014andLater for more information.'

Why is this happening, and why is a full upgrade required when attempting to update run-time software?


Starting in 2014, National Instruments introduced a run-time architecture for numerous software products. A full upgrade to the latest version is required for some software in order to take advantage of the new architecture. 

After a full upgrade is complete, the run-time component can be updated separately. Run-time updates allow core functionality to be updated as needed while minimizing the installer size and the number of affected components on deployed systems.

To find the full version, go to NI Driver Downloads and enter in the driver that you need. Such as if you need NI-Serial, enter that into the search bar. Then find the driver version you are looking for, and make sure to install the version that does not have runtime in the name. This will install the full version of the driver.