Is There a Cable to Map The Pinout of a PCI-6733 to a PCIe-6738?

Updated Feb 1, 2019

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  • PCI-6733
  • PCIe-6738

Issue Details

An older system refers to the pin configuration of the PCI-6733 and cannot be changed programmatically, therefore, there is a need for a change in the system that would take into account the pin configuration when the PCI-6733 is upgraded to a PCIe-6738.
Old setup: PCI-6733 Pinout + Cable: SH68-68-EPM
New setup: PCIe-6738 Pinout  + Cable: SHC68-68

  • Is there a way to configure the new system to work with the PCIe-6738?
  • Is there a cable that takes care of compatibility of an external piece of hardware with upgrade from PCI-6733 to PCIe-6738?  
  • Is there an adaptor that will make compatible pin-configuration possible?



It is possible to have the PCIe-6738 integrated into a system that previously used the PCI-6733. This solution would be to modify the way the system determines which pins are being referenced and to therefore match the pinout of the NI PCIe-6738.
The NI PCIe-6738 has 4 times the AO channel density (32 ch) as compared to the NI PCI-6737 (8 ch). So due to its increased functionality the pinout will not be the same and this will have to be taken into consideration when configuring a new system.



Additional Information

There is no pre-existing cable that would be able to refer to the pin configurations as needed. The following suggestions are not recommended by NI but may offer an alternative solution.

Alternative Options:
- The first would be to buy an R68F-68F cable, which is a 68-Pin Female VHDCI to 68-Pin Female DSUB ribbon cable, to then cut it and wire it how you would like. 
- The other would be to have two NI SCB-68 connector blocks which could be wired to each other in the way that you would like.

As National Instruments does not make custom cables ourselves it is not something that is straight forward to do but some suggestions towards the design of a custom cable are: 
- To either create a custom cable that simply connects the PCI-6738 straight to the external hardware with the help of our Alliance Partners.
- To have a custom PCB again made by our Alliance Partners and connect the two cables you already have through two SCSI slots. 


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