Finding IEEE 488.2 Commands for Controlling GPIB Instrument

Updated Dec 14, 2018

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  • NI-488.2

Operating System

  • Windows

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I am trying to write a program to communicate with my instrument. What are the typical commands or functions used to address an IEEE 488.2 compliant instrument?


IEEE 488.2 functions can be found in the NI-488.2 Function Reference Manual. The manual shows the names of the commands, what the commands do, and how to implement these commands under various programming languages.

The NI-488.2 Function Reference Manual covers the following topics:
  1. NI-488.2 API: Traditional Calls
  2. NI-488.2 API: Multi-Device Calls
  3. Supplemental Calls for Multithreaded Applications
  4. Multiline Interface Messages
  5. Status Word Conditions
  6. Error Codes and Solutions
Using this reference manual combined with the user manual for your device, can be an excellent start for performing low-level calls to a GPIB instrument.


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