Error 1067 When Trying to Start NI Services

Updated Jul 11, 2022

Reported In


  • Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)

Issue Details

  • I manually started the NI Configuration Manager and it generated Error 1067: The process terminated unexpectedly. In Windows, Control Panel » Administrative Tools » Services, NI Configuration Manager, and nidevldu service are not started and so I am getting a MAX database connection error.

  • NI Device Loader and/or NI Configuration Manager stop when I start NI MAX and I get error 1067 when trying to expand the devices and interfaces section.
  • NI Route Coordinator is not running and I get error 1067 when trying to start it.


  • This issue probably can be solved by deleting all of the files in the Data folder as mentioned in Section 4: Database Corruption of the KnowledgeBase linked below. 
  • Make sure that any service that starts with "ni" is not blocked by the Windows firewall.  Add the following services to the exception list of any firewall software: NIMax.exe, nimxs.exe, NiAsstnt.exe, nipalsm.exe, nidevmon.exe, niroco.exe. It is possible that before you installed LabVIEW you were using an older version of MAX that did not rely on TCP communication, so these issues related to the firewall would not have shown themselves. However, in versions of MAX 4.2 and later, TCP is no longer used.

Additional Information

  • Error 1067 is most likely related to the MAX Database Connection Error.
  • This issue could also be due to blocked TCP communication.
  • Work with your IT department to find out if they are blocking any of those services for any reason.