What Sensors Are Compatible with the NI-9237?

Updated Nov 29, 2018

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  • NI-9237

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I am unsure whether my sensor can be measured by the NI-9237 module. What kind of sensors can I use with it?


The NI-9237 is a bridge-based input module, and is compatible with sensors that change their resistance in response to a physical phenomena. This is most commonly seen with strain gauges, but any resistance-based sensor can also work.

Sensors that output a voltage should be used with a voltage input module instead.

Additional Information

Bridge-based sensors work by replacing one or more of the resistors in a Wheatstone Bridge, as shown below.

This circuit is used inside the NI-9237 to condition the signal from the sensor. Replacing a single resistor is called a "Quarter-Bridge" configuration. Replacing two resistors with two sensors is called a "Half-Bridge" configuration. Replacing every resistor with a sensor is called a "Full-Bridge" sensor. Note that in Quarter-Bridge and Half-Bridge modes, the sensor's "rest" resistance should be close or equal to the resistance of the other bridge resistors.


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