Can Interrupted Serial Communication be implemented with VISA?

Updated Nov 29, 2018

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  • LabVIEW



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I want to use labVIEW and Panasonic FP series PLC to communicate. I can send/receive commands with serial assistant, but I can't receive feedback from PLC with VISA. Now only MSComm can send/receive successfully. Wether VISA can also implement the operations of interrupted serial communication like MScomm?


Please refer to the example of serial port interrupt in Detect Serial Break Event VI in

labVIEW\examples\Instrument IO\Serial.

Change the “serial port interrupt” to "serial port character" and replace +1 in the condition box with read. It should be noted that here, as in MScomm, how many bytes are specified to trigger an interrupt, but the number of bytes is undefined in VISA.