What Ports Does My Computer Need to Interface with a PXI System?

Updated Sep 17, 2019

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  • MXI Cable
  • PXI Remote Control Module

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I am in the process of selecting a computer for use with a PXI system. What connector do I need on my PC/Laptop in order to remotely control my PXI devices?


PXI Remote Control Modules control PXI and PXIe systems from your PC or laptop computer through a software transparent link. There are 3 possible connector types on the PC side:

  • PCI: The remote control module will connected the same way a PCI card would.
  • ExpressCard: Usually for laptop computers.
  • Thunderbolt: It is important that the port is specifically Thunderbolt-enabled and is not a generic USB-C port. Check your computer's manual for explicit references to the port having Thunderbolt capability before proceeding.


Additional Information

While there are many 3rd party adapters that may provide the necessary physical connections, there is no guarantee that they will work properly, and National Instruments does not support their use.


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