How to Load Constant Values in a File on Multirate Diagram (MRD)

Updated Jan 4, 2019

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  • LabVIEW Communications System Design Suite

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I am writing a code using the multirate diagram supported in LabVIEW Communications. I need to use constant values written in a file. How can I load the file into the multirate diagram?


The multirate diagram (MRD) uses advanced compiler technology that makes FPGA programming easy in the LabVIEW Communication System Design Suite. Unlike regular LabVIEW VIs, it features no front panel and only has a block diagram. Sometimes you need to use constant values in a file while writing codes in MRD. MRD does not have separate file I/O nodes, but can read data from a file through specific nodes. To read constant values in a file, follow these steps:
1. Save the constant values in .csv file format.
2. Add .csv file to the project.
2. On the MRD palette, place Stream manipulation»Stream Constant node on the diagram. 
3. In the property window(the right side), select CSV File as Data Source under Constant Data.
4. Search for .csv file in the drop-down box below.
5. You can see Stream Constant node with the loaded constant values​.

Additional Information

In addition to Stream Constant node, there are several more nodes that can load values ​​from .csv file. For Numeric Port or Boolean Port, .csv file can be read for simulation purposes. For Lookup Table node, table value can be specified with .csv file. Check the properties window of the node to see if .csv file is available as a source.


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