NI PXIe MXIe 8388 Module LED Blinking Amber or Green

Updated Nov 22, 2018

Reported In


  • PXIe-8388
  • PCIe-8388
  • PXIe-8389

Operating System

  • Windows

Issue Details

I am using NI PXIe 8388 MXIe module to control my PXIe chassis. Its LED showing Green Colour while module is in OFF state and Amber/Green blinking while module is ON. The user manual of the PXIe 8388 does not say anything about the Amber/Green blinking. What does Amber/Green blinking mean?


The reason for the LED switching between amber/green is due to the PC mother board 100MHz clock jitter. The PXIe MXIe 8388/8389 boards don't regenerate the PCI clock they inherit from the host PC as some of our other MXIe hardware does, which allows for more error stack up as the PCI bus gets extended further, pushing us closer and closer to hitting the limits of PCI cable specifications as we go.  To avoid hitting issues because of this, the 8388/8389 boards require a very low jitter PCI clock in the host PC they are connected to.

Additional Information

The jitter should number it needs is 3ns or less of jitter on the 100MHz PCI clock (for reference, the NI RMC-8354 comes in at 2.7 ns of jitter).