Handling Image Acquisition Timeouts in VBAI

Updated Dec 3, 2018

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  • Vision Builder for Automated Inspection

Issue Details

Sometimes in my Vision Builder for Automated Inspection (VBAI) applications, I get an acquisition timeout. The rest of the inspection steps fail because there is no image. How can I force VBAI to acquire an image before moving on?


As of VBAI 3.0, you can resolve this behavior by separating the acquisition step from the rest of your inspections. You can keep your VBAI inspection from moving past the Acquire Image state until it has successfully acquired an image. By doing this, the inspection will never encounter an inspection failure so your inspection will not return a fail. Thus, when you run your inspection continuously, it will continue running the Acquire Image state until it succeeds in acquiring an image.

When creating your inspection, you can edit your state diagram to have another transition from the acquire state. A simple example:
The inspection state diagram is composed of two states:
  • The first state¬†acquires the image. If the acquisition step succeeds, a transition leads to the second state which is the start of the inspection of the image. If the step fails (default transition) it transitions to the end point.
  • The second state inspects the image and sets the inspection status (pass/fail). Note that this state will run only when an image has been successfully acquired.
This is particularly helpful with triggered acquisition which is more prone to timeouts, a timeout will cause the acquisition step to fail and fire the default transition but not fail the inspection.


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