What Video Filetypes are Supported by DIAdem?

Updated Jul 26, 2019

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  • DIAdem

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I want to synchronize video to my data in DIAdem. What filetypes are supported?


DIAdem does not have a native video player, rather it uses the codecs on your computer to decode a video file and display the frames of video in sync with your time channel. As such, if your computer has a codec for a given filetype, DIAdem can process it.

Additional Information

A codec is a piece of software that a computer uses to decompress a video file. They recreate video frames from compressed data so the video file itself can take up less storage space. Each filetype has a different codec, but if you are able to play a video file in any media player on your computer, then you have a codec for that filetype.

Some codecs to not support precise synchronization, because they lack information for positioning. If you see the error messageĀ Codec does not support precise synchronization, you should encode the video with a different codec.

In most cases, an active audio device is required on your computer for DIAdem to play a video.


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