What Does the Over Temperature Accuracy Specification Represent?

Updated Dec 17, 2018

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  • USB-TC01

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When looking at an NI device's specifications sheet there is often a chart listing accuracy at 25°C and accuracy over the full operating range, how does this relate to the operating temperature of the device?


The accuracy at maximum temperature is in reference to the temperature of the environment the device is located in when operating, as opposed to the temperature the device is measuring or the internal temperature of the device.

Using the USB-TC01's specification as an example:

As the device was calibrated at 25°C a device operating in an environment of 29°C would still be within the specification for safe operation, but would experience degraded accuracy due to its temperature being different than the 25°C it was calibrated at. This is reflected by the listing of maximum accuracy over operating temperature specification. If the operating temperature exceeded 55°C the device should be shut off to avoid damage as it is above its maximum safe operating range.

Additional Information

It is key to note that different NI devices have different environmental specifications and as such vary in what is an is not a safe environment for the card. Below are two such examples. It is necessary to check your specific device's specifications sheet.




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