Missing While Installing LabVIEW 2011 on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 64 bit

Updated Dec 13, 2018

Reported In


  • LabVIEW

Operating System

  • Linux

Issue Details

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is not officially supported by LabVIEW. However LabVIEW can be successfully installed on this OS. Using the 32 bit version of this OS, simply running the INSTALL script and following the wizard procedure brings you to a successful setup.

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 64 bit can be used, too, but an error during the wizard prevents the success of the setup.


The error is related to a missing 32 bit library,, required by LabVIEW and not available on the 64 bit version of Ubuntu 10.04. The solution is represented by the download of the required library and the creation of a symbolic link that meets the setup wizard requirements. The complete procedure required in order to install successfully LabVIEW on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is the following:
  1. Download and install the attached getlibs tool
  2. Run getlibs command from a terminal, in order to download the required libraries. Notice that you have to be connected to Internet
  3. Create and update the symbolic links, prompting the following commands in a terminal
    • cd /usr/lib32
    • sudo ln -s
    • sudo ldconfig
  4. Run the INSTALL script
    • sudo sh ./INSTALL



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