Can I Use Modbus to Communicate With a cDAQ Chassis?

Updated Apr 18, 2024

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  • cDAQ-9184
  • cDAQ-9188
  • cDAQ-9189


  • NI-DAQmx

Issue Details

I have an Ethernet cDAQ chassis. Can I use an industrial protocol such as Modbus or Ethernet/IP to communicate with my cDAQ chassis?


It is not possible to communicate with cDAQ devices using any industrial protocol. Communication with an Ethernet cDAQ can only be accomplished through using the NI DAQmx driver .

Additional Information

If you have a Real-Time Embedded cDAQ controller (such as the cDAQ-913x series) then you could implement your own custom Modbus or Ethernet/IP communication with other devices that support these protocols. The data acquisition from the cDAQ modules would still utilize the DAQmx driver, but you could write custom code in the LabVIEW Real-Time environment to implement the industrial protocol communication.