Type Definition Identified as "Invalid Controls" After Upgrading LabVIEW

Updated Apr 5, 2019

Reported In


  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

I just upgraded my version of LabVIEW. A program which was working in my previous version will not run in my upgraded version. When I try to open a type definition, I'm seeing the following issue:

When I hover over the "OK" icon, it says Invalid Control.

I've checked How to Upgrade or Revert a VI to a Different Version of LabVIEW to ensure that I don't need a conversion kit or any additional steps to upgrade my program.

Why am I getting this error?


This is likely because you are missing drivers that you had installed in the previous version of LabVIEW that you were using.

Follow the steps outlined in Missing NI Module, Toolkit, or Driver Warning When Opening VI to determine which driver you are missing and need to install. You may have to open the vi included in the project in order to see which driver you're missing.