Maximum Output Current of the NI-9401 Module

Updated May 5, 2023

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  • NI-9401

Issue Details

I'm using the NI-9401 module and I would like to know what is the maximum output current for each digital output.


The NI-9401 is capable of sourcing or sinking current depending on if a high value or a low value is written to the pin. The maximum value for sourcing and sinking current is either 2mA or 100µA per channel, depending on the output low and output high values.

Additional Information

You can verify the output low and output high values in the specifications of the NI-9401 module, the maximum current value is taken from the Output High (VOH) and Output Low (VOL) specification in the datasheet. The output voltage generally also specifies the amount of current that the module can sink and maintain the high or low output voltage.