TDM Datafinder Server Could Not Start Because There Were No Available Licenses

Updated Aug 14, 2019

Reported In


  • DataFinder Server

Issue Details

When I try to start my TDM Datafinder Server I get the following error:

Server Server Name could not start. Error: The server Server Name could not start because there was no available license when the server was started. Check your license in the NI license manager


Ensure that the Type of license (above: DataFinder Base) corresponds to the license you have in License manager. For example, you may actually have a DataFinder Advanced license. This can be changed from the following menu:

Additional Information

  • Make sure to have the Volume License Manager (VLM) installed on the same computer as the DataFinder Server. Make sure you're not using disconnected license files either. 
  • If you can't select another DataFinder License, you'll need to recreate your DataFinder Server. You can look page 27 of Data Management Software Suite - Hands On  for a tutorial on how to do this.