Multisim Grapher View Fails to Show Analysis Results

Updated Apr 7, 2023

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  • Multisim

Issue Details

  • "My simulation seems to work fine, however I receive a No such vector $xxx warning. Where does it come from?"
  • "I use Multisim to simulate a circuit. Most analyses I do are working as expected: Multisim simulates for some time, then Grapher View opens up and shows the results. However, when I do e.g. a Fourier analysis, the process fails. Multisim simulates for some time, afterwards the Grapher View window pops up, but the results window is empty. No content is shown, no text, no graphs. What am I doing wrong?"


The issue you face can be related to a naming incompatibility with the nets you are using in your design.

Check your Simulation output to see if there is any warning No such vector message:

If so, the cause of this issue is related to the net's name your analysis' output variables or probes are on. Certain limitations apply to these names, they shall not contain any special characters like slashes ("/"), dashes ("-"), underscores ("_") etc. Follow these steps to fix:
  1. Go to the tab Nets.
  2. Find the nets your probes are connected to. Each affected name starts with the string shown in the No such vector message as shown above. Double-click such a net's name.
  3. Overwrite the current name by typing the new name into the Preferred net name field. The new name shall not contain any special characters. Click OK.
  4. Repeat for any other probed net having a non-working name.

Afterwards, your simulation should succeed: