How Do I Have a VI Open While Running a Test Sequence on TestStand

Updated Jul 5, 2023



  • LabVIEW
  • TestStand

I would like to have my VI's front panel open while running my test sequence, how do I do that?

1. Add a 'Sub-Sequence' to the Sequence.

2. Add a 'SequenceCall' to the newly created 'Sub-Sequence' in the Main sequence.

3. Change Execution Options to Use New Thread in Step Settings for SequenceCall. 
4. In the sub-sequence, call the VI that needs to be shown in an action step.
Note, the VI that is being called must have a 'While Loop' with a 'Stop Button'.

5. Set "Show VI Front Panel is Off" as "Show VI Front Panel is On" and then it indicates a green symbol like below.
The test sequence can only be terminated by actuating the 'stop button' on the front panel of the open VI.