How to Connect Vector CAN Device into DIAdem

Updated Oct 26, 2020



  • DIAdem

According to the info from Vector website, the following CAN hardware interfaces are supported in DIAdem.
  • CANcardXL / CANcardXLe
  • CANcaseXL / CANcaseXL log
  • CANboardXL Interface family
  • VN1600 Interface family
  • VN5610
  • VN7570
  • VN7600
  • VN8900 Interface family 
How to add these interfaces into DIAdem?

The CAN Driver Software for DIAdem can be downloaded in CAN Driver for DIAdem. After installation, a guide can be found in the installation directory, which includes the steps of adding CANDriver.dll into DIAdem.

After connection, a new icon will appear in the Driver inputs and Driver outputs in the DIAdem DAC module.

Additional Information

CAN-Driver for DIAdem downloaded from Vector website might only work with 32-bit DIAdem. The Status shows Added indicating successful connection.

In 64-bit DIAdem, the Status might show No 64-bit DLL, indicating a failed connection.

You can try to connect a USB device to allow Windows searching for the appropriate driver automatically for 64-bit DIAdem.