Non Critical Error Handling on a LabVIEW Real-Time Application

Updated Nov 13, 2018

Issue Details

I have an application which has code modules running on the host computer and the real time controller. The real time code module is constantly monitoring a Boolean variable which indicates when an error is triggered.

I would like to present the error on my host computer whenever the error is triggered on the real-time controller without stopping the execution of the application.


One way you could implement this non critical error handling is the following:

  1. Create a Boolean shared variable and deploy it on your real time target, this variable should be write any time the error is triggered. 
  2. On the Host computer create 2 separeted while loops, one for the main application process and the second one for handling the errored triggered on the real time controller. This look cannot have any input that comes from the main loop. Below you can see an example of this


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