Get Hex Value of the Custom XNET Session Interface:64bit Baud Rate

Updated May 17, 2023

Reported In


  • CAN Interface Device




NI-XNET Database Editor

Issue Details

I am using NI-XNET CAN Interface Device (example PCI-8512) with custom baud rates. Each time when I need to change transmission settings I have to manually re-calculate hexadecimal value which is inputted to the XNET Session Interface:64bit Baud Rate property node. Is there any tool that could help me with this value calculations depending on my settings?


You can manually create a binary data frame according to NI-XNET Help documents which maps custom transmission settings. The desired custom baud rate value can be also obtained in a faster and more automated way by using NI-XNET Datebase Editor. To achieve it perform the following steps.
  1. In NI-XNET Datebase Editor right-click at Networks and choose Create Cluster.
  2. From the Protocol drop-down list pick CAN and confirm selection with OK.
  3. Click the Baud Rate selection and choose <Custom>.
  4. In new pop-up window you can get your custom hexadecimal baud rate value according to your settings. Input it to XNET Session Interface:64bit Baud Rate property node in order to programmatically change CAN device interface settings.

Additional Information

  • You can modify baud rate property only when the CAN interface is stopped.
  • You can use this technique to change CAN FD baud rate programmatically using XNET Session Interface:CAN:64bit FD Baud Rate.