Find the Former NI-XNET Session Interface:BaudRate Property Node

Updated May 17, 2023

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  • CAN Interface Device



Issue Details

I am using CAN device interface (example PCI-8512) with NI-XNET drivers. In my previous projects I was configuring network transmission rate through XNET Session Interface:BaudRate property. However, after updating my NI-XNET driver to version 16.0 I could not find this property anymore. I found similar property XNET Session Interface:BaudRate64 but there is datatype mismatch between them. Is it still possible to change the interface baud rate with the original property node?


XNET Session Interface:BaudRate has been replaced from NI-XNET version 16.0 by new XNET Session Interface:BaudRate64 property. NI-XNET Help documents defines the first one as a former 32-bit property without direct naming it. It is not possible to directly find former 32-bit property in the XNET Session drop-down list but you can just copy-paste it from provided with NI-XNET driver examples. Instead of performing this operation, we recommend implementing to your VI newer 64-bit Interface:BaudRate64 property. For the default baud rate values that are acceptable by your CAN hardware, you can still apply values used with the 32-bit property. For custom transmission rates new property requires at the input unsigned quad (64-bit integer) value and it has different frame formatting.

Additional Information

  • An image in the Solution is attached to show the differences between the nodes and datatypes. This is not the proper implementation.
  • You can modify baud rate property only when the CAN interface is stopped.