LabVIEW Crashes While Editing My Front Panel

Updated Dec 5, 2018

Reported In


  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

When I'm editing my front panel, I perform about 30 to 40 edits, then LabVIEW crashes. How do I stop this from happening?


Lower the number of undo history steps in memory for LabVIEW
  1. Click Tools >> Options... in the top tool bar.
  2. Select Environment from the Category menu
  3. Change the Maximum undo steps per VI to something lower than the amount of steps it seems to crash at.

Additional Information

Note: This will change the maximum undo steps for all VIs edited in LabVIEW, not just this one.

The crash happens because LabVIEW fills up its available memory with the sequence of undo steps. LabVIEW crashes because of the lack of memory.