Error -375936 When Using Virtualbench

Updated Nov 8, 2018

Reported In


  • VB-8012
  • VB-8034
  • VB-8054


  • NI-VirtualBench Application and Driver

Issue Details

The error occurs when I turn on NI VirtualBench application on my host PC. How can I deal with this problem?


Code: -375936


NI-VirtualBench: Power supply initialization failed.


This problem can be solved by software reset or hardware reset. 
You can follow the steps below:

NI Measurement & Automation Explorer(MAX)

  • Launch NI MAX
  • Expand Device and Interface tab. Find and click Virtuabench device
  • Click the Reset and Self-test in NI MAX panel

VirtualBench Factory Reset

  • Press and hold the Reset button for longer than 5 seconds. The reset button is located on the back side of the VirtualBench as shown below.
  • Then release the Reset button and wait until restart.
  • The error will be solved. 

Note: If you can not solve this problem with the above solutions, your instrument could be in abnormal status. Please contact local NI Support for further assistance or RMA.


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