Adding NI 986x Modules into DAQmx-enabled cRIOs & sbRIOs

Updated Jan 19, 2024

Reported In


  • NI-9860
  • cRIO-9049


  • LabVIEW


  • NI-RIO

Issue Details

I would like to use a NI XNET 9860 with a cRIO 904X, 905X or sbRIO 960X, 9628, 9629, 9638 in LabVIEW. I created a LabVIEW project and added these as a new target. Then I have been trying to add on my chassis a NI 9860 under the Real-Tile Resources. But in the C Series Module Type list the NI 9860 is not appearing.

Are the NI 986x modules compatible with cRIO 9049? Why do the NI XNET module not appearing in the suggested C Series Module list?


The NI 986x modules require NI XNET drivers to be installed on the RIO device in order for the controller to work with such modules. The first NI XNET version including support for the cRIO 904x is the NI XNET 17.5.1

In LabVIEW projects, it is possible to add XNET modules on the cRIO chassis excepted on the DAQmx-enabled RIO devices if these RIOs are not connected to the project. If you try to add an XNET module on a cRIO added as a new target and that has not been connected to the project, you will not be able to find the XNET module in the C Series Module list.

If you are using the cRIO 904x, cRIO 905x or DAQmx-enabled sbRIOs, you need to connect them first to your project using the controller IP adress, and make sure you have NI CompactRIO 17.6 or higher and NI XNET 17.5.1 or higher installed on your cRIO.