Instrument Won't Show Up in VISA Resource Name Control Drop-Down

Updated Dec 12, 2018

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  • LabVIEW



Issue Details

  • I have several GPIB and TCPIP instruments connected to the computer, but I only see one type in the VISA resource name control drop down in LabVIEW. Why can't I see them all?
  • I have third-party software on my computer that I can control as if it were a connected instrument by using a VISA handle of, "TCPIPx::xxxxx::INSTR", but I have to manually enter this string into the VISA resource name control in LabVIEW. Is there a way to make it automatically visible on the drop-down alongside my physical instruments?


In order to make all instruments, including software-driven instruments, appear in the VISA resource name drop-down, you'll have to ensure that the I/O Name Filtering settings on the control are correct.

1. Right click on the VISA resource name control and navigate to I/O Name Filtering.
2. Make sure the filtering settings are as shown below:

3. Click OK and refresh the drop down on the front panel. You should now see all of your instruments listed.


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