How Do I Stop NI License Manager Requesting Particular Software?

Updated Feb 21, 2023

Reported In


  • NI License Manager
  • Volume License Manager

Issue Details

I am using NI Volume License Manager to manage license permissions. How can I stop clients from requesting permissions to specific NI software packages or modules?


If you have a Concurrent License, you can prevent a computer from using a specific network license using the option Do Not Allow License Request.
  1. Open NI License Manager on the client computer.
  2. To prevent using a specific network license, right-click on the product listed under a network license server and select Do Not Allow License Request. You can also select the product listed under a network license server and click Disable.
  1. If you need to access the license again, right-click on the blocked product and select Allow License Request or select the blocked product and click Enable

Additional Information

If you want to apply this to multiple clients you can write a script to edit the checkout behavior with the following steps:
  1. Open up the servers.ini file located at C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\License Manager\Data\
  2. Add the following line to your server configuration file
    • BlockedFeatures = <package_name>;
  3. You can find the name of the package you wish to block by opening the license file with any text editor.
  1. Replace <package_name> with the name you found in Step 3.

You can restore the original state by deleting the BlockedFeatures = <package_name> line from the servers.ini file.