Generating Reliable Low Power RF Signal with NI Hardware

Updated Nov 1, 2018

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  • PXI Vector Signal Generator
  • PXI Vector Signal Transceiver



Issue Details

What is the best way to generate reliable, low power RF signals with NI hardware? Do I need to use external attenuation?


NI RF hardware can generate reliable RF signals throughout the range specified in your devices specifications sheet. In some cases, to achieve reliable power levels at the device's lower ranges you will need to use digital attenuation to achieve a steady power level.

Another option, if you have them, is to use external attenuation to lower the power level of the signal being generated.

Additional Information

There is no NI-RFSG property called "Digital Attenuation." In order to digitally attenuate the signal you are generating you will need to configure the device's NI-RFSG Digital Gain property and set this value to a negative number, hence attenuating the signal.


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