My Custom Device Is Broken on Another Computer

Updated Oct 22, 2018

Reported In


  • AIT ARINC 429

Issue Details

I developped a NI VeriStand Custom Device to use a third-party PXI device, and it works fine on the development computer. However, when I try to use it on another computer, I get this error message :


This issue can happen for different reasons. In order to troubleshoot the problem, you can :
  • Verify that the NI VeriStand versions are exactly the same on both computers.
  • Verify that the necessary drivers for your device are installed on the computer creating the error.
  • If the drivers were installed before NI VeriStand, some dependencies might be missing. Try to uninstall the drivers, then reinstall the drivers with the correct NI VeriStand installed.

Additional Information

Although the error message here is about an PXI ARINC 429 interface, this issue could happen with any other type of hardware when the custom device depends on a manufacturer-provided driver.


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