Placing a Trace at Any Angle in NI Ultiboard

Updated Oct 19, 2018

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  • Ultiboard

Issue Details

I have to place a trace at an angle other than 45 or 90 degree angle, how do I do this in Ultiboard?



You can press the space bar while placing a line in a copper layer, this will toggle between orthogonal, diagonal, 45 degree, and any angle lines.

Alternatively, in the Customize dialog box an Any Angle Lines is available, complete the following procedure to add this option to your user interface:
  1. From the main menu select Options» Customize Interface
  2. Select Place from the Categories listbox
  3. Put your mouse cursor on Any angle lines from the Command listbox. Hold the left mouse button down and you should see a small rectangle attached to your mouse cursor
  4. Continue to hold the left mouse button down and drag the rectangle over Place main menu to expand it. 
  5. Drop the rectangle in the Place menu


Additional Information

Tip: You should repeat the above steps and add the 45 degree lines to your menu so that you can switch between any angle and 45 degree line while working on the layout.