How to Set up Compact DAQ Controllers with Windows Embedded System

Updated Jan 29, 2019

Reported In


  • cDAQ-9132
  • cDAQ-9133
  • cDAQ-9134
  • cDAQ-9135
  • cDAQ-9136
  • cDAQ-9137

Operating System

  • Windows Embedded Standard (WES)

Issue Details

I have a brand new cDAQ-9137 and I want to set it up. I connected it to my computer but I cannot access it and install drivers or any kind of software components. How can I set up the device?


The cDAQ-9132/9133/9134/9135/9136/9137 for Windows ships with preloaded Windows Embedded Standard System. This means, that to be able to set up the device, you have to connect the appropriate interfaces and use it as a stand alone device.

  • Monitor with Compatible mini DisplayPort cable (and adapter if necessary)
  • Computer mouse and keyboard

Installing steps:
  1. Connect a video monitor to the mini DisplayPort connector with a cable (and adapter if necessary).
  2. Power on the monitor.
  3. Connect a computer keyboard and mouse to the USB host ports on the cDAQ controller. 
  4. Turn on the external power supply.
  5. When the cDAQ controller powers on, the POWER LED lights and the controller runs a power-on self test (POST). When the POST is complete, the operating system is loaded.
  6. Go through the steps on the Set Up Windows screen that opens on your monitor. Windows prepares your desktop.


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