How Can I Retrieve Time Data From a DAQ Assistant Signal

Updated Oct 25, 2020



  • LabVIEW

  • I am collecting waveform data using DAQ Assistant, but can't access time data from the "Dynamic Data". How do I access the time data?
  • I am trying to use the "Get Dynamic Data Attributes" function to access the "Start Timestamp" and "Timestamp" attributes from my DAQ Assistant signal but they are empty. How can I get this data from my signal?

To access time data, you will have to convert the DAQ Assistant signal from the Dynamic Data type to a Waveform
  1. Use Convert From Dynamic Data and select Single Waveform in the Configure Window
  2. Use the Get Waveform Components function and add t0 and dt as attributes

Additional Information

To get the specific timestamp of each data point in the waveform, begin with t0 and increment it by dt for each data point.