Error 56 while running SystemLink Cloud

Updated Oct 30, 2018

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  • SystemLink Cloud
  • SystemLink

Issue Details

I developed a Web VI trough NXG to update "n" number of tags from a cRIO that is running at SystemLink Cloud, but after running for a short period of time, the following error is shown:
The main concern of the problem are the following:
  • The dashboard took from 8 to 15 seconds to update the tags and it should be faster.
  • The error appears after running the dashboard for 5 to 10 min.
  • The same behavior happens after Doing the Setup of the webVI on a localhost.


The problem here is trying to perform too many actions too quickly. As a general recommendation, we do not expect Tags to be updated (read/write) more than once per second. This means that we should at least place a Wait function in the While Loop with a one second constant.

Therefore, we're sending so many requests to the server to get tag values and it eventually gets overwhelmed and returns the timeout error.

In general, when reading many tags like this, the Multi Read VI under Data Communications->Skyline->Tags->Advanced is much more efficient.

We have changed the VI from using the Tag Read to Tag Multi Read, this will address the problem about update rates as well as the timeout error. It is important to know that the tags will need to have a value set before using the Multi Read, otherwise we won't receive any values.


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