Can I Use NI ELVISmx Instruments to Control a Real Device During a Simulation in Multisim?

Updated Oct 18, 2018

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  • Multisim


  • NI-ELVISmx

Issue Details

I am selecting my NI ELVIS II device in the soft front panel instruments in Multisim. I can control it when I click the Run button. However, the pins of the instruments do not read/write values from/to the device when I run an Interactive Simulation. Is it possible to do this?

Figure 1. How to select a real NI ELVIS II in a soft front panel instrument


NI Multisim and NI ELVIS allow students and teachers to compare the results of a simulated circuit against real circuit measurements in the same environment. For ease of use, the same soft front panel instruments used to measure circuits connected to the NI ELVIS II breadboard are used to integrate a simulated NI ELVIS II in NI Multisim. However, NI Multisim only supports interacting with simulated devices during simulations. As shown in Figure 2 and Figure 3, you can read values from the soft front panel instruments with a simulated NI ELVIS II but not with a real device.

Figure 2. NI Multisim simulations can integrate Simulated NI ELVIS II devices.

Figure 3. NI Multisim simulations does not support real NI ELVIS II devices.