Running Executables from NI TestStand

Updated Sep 19, 2019

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  • TestStand

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How can I run executables fromTestStand?


In TestStand, in the Insertions Palette there is a step type titled Call Executable. This step type can be used to run executables from TestStand by specifying the file path of the executable and entering the relevant arguments in the Step Settings, when necessary.

Additional Information

As an example, if you wanted to run the Command Prompt from TestStand to ping "", you would need to select the file path for the cmd.exe file on your computer and then enter the following string into the Argument Expression field: "/c ping " + "\"" + ""

Note that we include the character combination "\"" in between the ping command and "" to indicate that "" is an argument for the ping command itself.

Upon running this Call Executable step, TestStand will open the Command Prompt and ping
Note: TestStand is not able to control or take actions in third party applications called by this step.