Export DIAdem Settings to Other Computers

Updated Dec 17, 2018

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  • How can I save the DIAdem settings to be able to import them for other users?
  • How to export and import DIAdem settings to other computers?


To save the current settings select Settings >> Save As...

To load new settings select Settings >> Load...

Note: If you load DIAdem settings, DIAdem restarts automatically. Save any changes to files currently open in the background before loading a new DIAdem Desktop (*.ddd) file. Use the Start parameter /D to load a desktop file when DIAdem launches.

Additional Information

The DIAdem settings will only store references to pre-defined settings objects like predefined DataFinders, images in the REPORT panel, or scripts assign to function keys in the script panel. If you import DIAdem settings to a computer that doesn't have these dependent files, you may see "File does not exist" error messages. To ensure access to any necessary dependent files, store these files at a universal server location (ex. \\servername\DIAdem Settings Files\) or to public directories (ex. C:\Users\Public\Documents\DIAdem Settings Files\).

Select Settings»DIAdem Settings»Select Path to predefine the paths from which DIAdem loads files or to which DIAdem saves files. As soon as you load a file from a different path into a load dialog box or save a file to a different path in a save dialog box, DIAdem changes the respective user paths. The default setting that DIAdem uses when the program launches remains unchanged.

The desktop file has the extension *.ddd. In the desktop file you save general default settings for DIAdem behavior, specific data formats, and properties of channels. You also save the parameters for the data area, settings for the logfile, and panel-specific default settings. When DIAdem saves the desktop file, DIAdem also creates files with the filename extensions *.par, *.tuc, *.bdn, and t*.pr. DIAdem also creates a folder that has the same name as the desktop file. To be able to use a configuration on another computer, you must forward all the configuration files (*.ddd, *.par, *.tuc, *.bdn*, .tpr) and the subfolder that has the same name as the desktop file.


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