Digital Output Signal of ISM-7411E Is Too Small

Updated Oct 22, 2018

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  • ISM-7411
  • ISM-7412

Issue Details

I am using the programmable digital output signal of ISM-7411/7412. However the signal of digital output is too small, and a signal with a lot of noise. I can't use the digital output as a pulse counter. What should I do?


ISM-7411E requires an additional power supply connection for use as a digital output. It is necessary to connect the power supply to the output signal from ISM-7411E according to whether it is sinking or sourcing. Please refer to the diagram below for connection of power supply according to sinking and sourcing.
  1. Sinking Output
  1. Sourcing Output
At this time, check the specifications of the PLC for the power supplied by the power supply. Do not connect the output to more than 30 VDC. The current through the output terminal must not exceed 80 mA.

Additional Information

Sinking and sourcing are terms related to digital input and output methods. Sinking digital inputs and outputs provide a ground. Sourcing digital inputs and outputs provide a voltage source.
For more information about sinking/sourcing, please reference Digital I/O Sinking and Sourcing


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