How to Use the PXIe-4310 for High Voltage Applications

Updated Oct 16, 2018

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  • PXIe-4310
  • TB-4310

Issue Details

I saw that the PXIe-4310 product page says it can handle an analog input of +/- 600 V peak-to-peak on the NI website. However, in the specifications sheet for the device, it says it can only handle +/- 10 V analog input. How can I configure the device to handle high voltages in the +/- 600 V range?


In order to use the PXIe-4310 for high voltage applications in the +/- 600 V range, you must connect the TB-4310 (600 V) front mount connector to the module. This terminal block attenuates the incoming voltages at a 60:1 ratio so that any voltages in the +/- 600 V range will effectively fall in the +/- 10 V range once it reaches the PXIe-4310.

Additional Information

For more information regarding setting up the PXIe-4310 with the TB-4310, refer to the PXIe-4310 and TB-4310 (10V)/TB-4310 (600V) Getting Started Guide and Terminal Block Specifications