How Do I Claim My Badge After Certification?

Updated Mar 29, 2019

Issue Details

I successfully passed one of the National Instruments certification exams.Week later, I received email, that I should accept my badge. What does it mean and how can I do it?


A badge is a digital credential issued to you by NI in recognition of your accomplishments, such as passing an assessment, exam, or audit. You can link a badge image file to your unique, verified data, making badges more secure than a paper-based certificate and eliminating the possibility of anyone claiming your credential. NI uses Acclaim, a Pearson VUE company, to deliver and manage the digital badges.

When you complete the learning assessment, it will immediately let you know if you passed or failed. If you passed, you'll receive a notification email with your digital credential. This email may come within a few minutes of passing, but it can take a couple hours. If you have not received your notification email within 24 hours of passing the assessment, email

You will also receive an email notification from Acclaim ( with instructions for claiming your badge and setting up your Acclaim account.

If you haven't received your badge notification email, follow next steps:
  1. First, check the SPAM or security folders within your email account.
    Please note, badges are issued to the email address that National Instruments has on file in our Certification Database or that you used when creating your user profile.
  2. If no email is found:
    1. If you have an existing Acclaim account, you can log in and view your badge. Check your account settings. You may have turned off the notifications for badge issuance.
    2. If you have not yet created an Acclaim account, visit to create an account with the email address associated with your NI account. Once you’ve confirmed this email address, you can log in and view your badge.
  3. After your Acclaim account is created, you can add additional email accounts.
  4. If you do not see a badge issued to you within your Acclaim account, please contact Acclaim Support directly for further assistance