NI Software Downloading Very Slowly

Updated May 27, 2024

Issue Details

I am downloading a piece of NI software off of or through NI Package Manager and it is downloading very slowly. What can I do to speed up the installation?


Most NI downloads should be completed within a few minutes to an hour. If you are experiencing download times that exceed this, first check your internet connection to verify the download speed you should expect on your current network. You can use a third party testing website (external link) to test your current expected download speed. If your current download is slower than your expected rate then follow one of these steps:
  1. Try downloading from a different network
  2. Temporarily remove security settings such as firewall and anti-virus that might be slowing down the network
  3. Close down other programs that may be taking up the network traffic
  4. Try reducing the size of the software installation. For example: Install LabVIEW by itself without any drivers. Then go back and install the drivers individually after the LabVIEW install. 

Additional Information

If none of these steps improve the download speed and it is not possible to wait for the download to complete at the current speed, you may be able to request physical media as an alternative.