How to Convert my LabVIEW App into a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) App for Windows Kiosk Mode

Updated Jul 21, 2020

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  • LabVIEW

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  • Windows

Issue Details

I have created a LabVIEW Application and I now want to convert it into a UWP App to use it in Windows Kiosk Mode limiting the access to Windows Explorer functionalities.


The UWP integration is not supported on LabVIEW, but you can use Kiosk mode or make the Front Panel of your application to take up the entire screen.

Set Up Kiosk Mode

You can set your Windows computer to Kiosk mode by altering various registry keys. This will allow the application to take up the entire screen. Follow instructions from Windows on how to configure kiosks on Windows desktop editions.

Make the Front Panel occupy the entire screen

Refer to Make a LabVIEW Front Panel Occupy the Entire Screen for detailed instructions.