Maximum Input Voltage for VirtualBench Mixed-Signal Oscilloscope (MSO)

Updated Dec 4, 2018

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  • VirtualBench All-in-One Instrument
  • VB-8012

Issue Details

I am currently using VirtualBench and would like to know the maximum input voltage allowed when I use the analog signal oscilloscope function. I have found the user manual and the specification but I am unsure on the value presented there, so what is the maximum input voltage allowed?


We could refer to the user manual and specification datasheet of the mentioned product, for example the VirtualBench 8012 on section of Mixed-Signal Oscilloscope - Analog Channels- Vertical System

The value of the maximum input voltage allowed would depends on the Selected Vertical Sensitivity and DC Offset Range. Based on these two factors, we could find the maximum input value as:
Maximum Input Voltage = Selected Maximum Range Vpp + Selected Maximum Range DC Offset 
Maximum Input Voltage = 40 Vpp +20 V


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