Wake Up LIN Bus Using USB-8476

Updated Jul 7, 2023

Reported In


  • USB-8476
  • USB-8476S


  • NI-CAN

Issue Details

Wakeup is one task that may be initiated by any node on the bus (a slave as well as the master). Per the LIN 2.0 specification, the wakeup request is issued by forcing the bus to be dominant for 250 µs to 5 ms.
How can I send wakeup frame using USB-8476?


The LIN wakeup protocol feature that dominates the bus and sends pushes is not supported by the USB-8476 (NI-CAN).
The alternative is using write frame function to wake up the LIN slave device.

You can use ncWriteNet.vi to transmit a single frame.
In IsRemote, enter a value of 17 (LIN header frame) or 18 (LIN full frame). Both frame types are available.

Write one frame as a dummy, then write the actual frame for the second time. The slave nod responds from the second frame.

Additional Information

Wakeup features and examples are added in the NI-XNET series products.