Advanced Trigger Modes and Frequency Lists for NI Function Generators

Updated Mar 23, 2022

Reported In


  • PXI-5401
  • PXI-5402
  • PXI-5406
  • PXI-5411
  • PXIe-5442
  • PXI-5441
  • PXI-5431
  • PXIe-5433

Issue Details

What are the various trigger modes that will allow me to output a sequence of waveforms?


The four main modes you can use to trigger waveforms from a list are listed below:  
  1. Single Trigger Mode
  2. Continuous Trigger Mode
  3. Stepped Trigger Mode
  4. Burst Trigger Mode 
When you make a frequency list, you need to choose a sequence of waveforms and the length of each sequence. Most boards do support frequency lists; however, some like the NI 5404 do not. You can find the list of features for each board in the Features Supported section of the NI Signal Generators Help manual. 

Use the niFgen Property node to access these features under triggers tab.